Google I/O Keynote 2013 Update

To say the future looks bright, is an understatement. At the Google I/O Keynote 2013 conference held yesterday in San Francisco, many eyebrows were raised in anticipation of Google’s new plans moving forward. The three hour long developer conference held in the Moscone Center highlighted many key areas of improvement from the technological super giant. Essentially, all of their products are being refined to facilitate a better user experience whilst building frameworks that can benefit developers and consumers.


Here are a few topics covered at the I/O Keynote

1. “The end of search as we know it”

Think of most personalized search experience, tailored exactly to you. When asking a question on Google, it will not only provide you with the answer but also a list of other possible answers related to your initial question. It anticipates your search based on past and current queries. “What is the GDP of Ireland?” – may also result in listing the GDP of surrounding countries or the entire UK. Google also added a hands free communication for searching through their browser. This ultimately gives the user a more unique experience and strays away from “seeking” to find information. Rather, the information is there, all users have to do is ask.

2. Android

Google has also launched a new tool called Android Studio that makes is easier for developers to create apps for Android. This tool also makes it easier for developers to change languages and different screen size/resolution for different devices.

3. Google Maps

Expect an overhaul from your favourite Mapping service. Google aims on making the interface easier to navigate while providing a better visual experience for their users. Tech Crunch provides an excellent walk-through video of the new Google Maps. Check it out.

4. Google +

Oh Google +, where have you been? Wait…Google + has surpassed Twitter and are now the 2nd largest social network? Google has changed the stream, appearing to encourage more content sharing. They also added a new photography interface called “Awesome” (video link). Essentially it is an auto-enhance, organizational photo suite. But it is awesome.

5. Google Play Music All Access

Google’s answer to Spotify. For US $9.99 per month, users have access to thousands of their favourite songs anywhere they go.

 I almost forgot…Google purchased a Quantum computer.

All in all, it was an “Awesome” day for Google and their products. I cannot wait to use the interfaces personally, and share to my network. Google does it again.