How to use Twitter for Business

How to use Twitter for Business

Twitter is a very important outlet for businesses to reach out to their customers and promote their brand through discussion. Many businesses do not take advantage of what this social media giant has to offer. This blog aims to educate businesses and business owners on how to use Twitter for business. Twitter is a great online tool that should be utilized everyday by businesses. Whether it is sales, promotion, or fan building that you need to improve; Twitter can generate valuable metrics to your overall business success.

As Twitter grows, it will increasingly become a place where companies build brands, do research, send information to customers, conduct e-commerce and create communities for their users.

80 percent of businesses are using Twitter


1. Share Useful Content on Twitter

Sharing useful content may be the most important decision made on Twitter. Businesses should share content relative to their industry, or specific information relating to their brand. Your followers follow you for a reason. They are interested in what you have to offer, so keep them interested.

2. Connect with the Right People

Connecting with the right people is essential in building a fan base. These are the people that want to hear what you have to say. Search for people in your industry, or individuals within the industry for the best following. They will be more likely to retweet your posts and share you information to their industry friends as well. Follow people or brands in your industry to potentially receive follow backs from generally interested users. This goes such a long way.

3. Retweet

Sharing other people’s content gets them to notice you on Twitter. A retweet or favourite will show up in their “connect” tab on their Twitter account. There is then a chance of them possibly following you or directly inquiring about your business. Stop just promoting your business on Twitter. Retweet individuals that apply to your industry. Big or small, each user has a network that is mainly unknown to yours.

4. Use #Hashtags

Tweeting with the right hashtag is a great way to send your message not just to your followers, but to everyone who is tuned into that conversation. If you search for a given hashtag, all discussion will appear. This is another great way in finding users to follow and information to retweet. Be sure to not hashtag unnecessary words in your Tweet. Keep it to one or two words and make sure they are related to your tweet. Hashtags increase awareness, which in turn, convert into conversions.

5. Mention Users

If you are writing an article or blog and have mentioned someone or used a quote, it is a good idea to mention them on Twitter as well. This can lead to that individual sharing your content to their network while also serving as an excellent method of creating dialogue.

This is the same for retweeting articles or posts by others – make sure you mention them!

6. Run Contests & Promotions

Running contests & promotions are great ways to gain awareness of your brand and increase Twitter followers. Users have to follow you first to enter, and the winner is rewarded with a prize! Win-win situation…right?

7. Measure Progress

Have social media marketing goals and measure them. Measuring your social media footprint can help you make the right decisions going forward in an ever changing landscape.

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