It’s time for a mobile website

Did you know that 1 out of 7 searches performed on Google are using a mobile device or smartphone? And this number is only going to increase as smartphone usage is rapidly replacing desktop internet browsing. Out of those searches, more than 1 out of 2 result in a direct engagement with the business they are searching for. What does this mean? It means you need a mobile website, pronto.

A well optimized and user friendly mobile website can improve your search engine optimization and raise your ranking on search engines such as Google. Your website will also be placed in relevant mobile and local directories, which increases the visibility of your business.

More importantly, it offers your visitors an elegant experience on their smartphones. An oasis from pinching and zooming.

So why should you take your website mobile?

Mobile website examples

Mobile websites should fit the confines of the screen and offer relevant information quickly.

Let’s say someone is looking for a service you offer, let’s say you are the top of your industry. A potentially huge client is out of the office walking the streets going from meeting to meeting and has no time to sit in an office. With no access to a desktop computer, out comes the smartphone to address an immediate need. He enters into Google –  “Insert Service Here” – clicks search, and the results churn back your business as the top result.  After clicking the link, he is presented with a desktop version of your website. With copious amounts of loading time (wait time) and stress, he continues to have a difficult time zooming and panning to find the information he needs. Frustrated, he moves on to the next result who happens to be your number 1 competitor. Their website fits beautifully and comfortably within the walls of a smartphone and the contact information is presented easily. Your competitor just received a new customer.

Your site, like 77% of the top companies mobile website took more than 5 seconds to load. Mobile users expect a mobile experience with faster speed, organized information, and smartphone ready user interface. Mobile phone users are impatient and are only willing to wait 3 seconds for site to load on average. And here is the scariest number for any website owner – 80% of consumers will abandon a site if they have a bad experience.

Doing the comparison

Look at it this way, at the time of this post (July 2012) I read that Coca-Cola is so popular that Diet Coke outsells The Coca-Cola Company’s long time rival Pepsico’s benchmark soda Pepsi by a market share of 9.9 (926.9 Million Cases of Diet Coke) v. 9.5 (891.5 Million Cases of Pepsi). ( Now I’m not saying that this is directly related to the mobile market in the slightest but shows the efforts put forth to branch out to new and old users alike. I tested the website of Coca-Cola ( against the website of Pepsi ( and returned the following results:

  • Coca-Cola’s site was optimized for mobile use, scoring a 5 out of 6 on consistencies and mobile friendly-ness and loaded in 1.87 seconds.
  • Pepsi’s site was not optimized for mobile use, scoring a 3 out of 6 on consistencies and mobile friendly-ness and loaded in 5.06 second.

Coca-Cola has made a valiant effort to stay on top of technology trends and giving users the experience they expect. I’m not going to say that because Coca-Cola has a mobile optimized site that they are outselling Pepsi, but what I will say is that Coca-Cola recognizes that it’s the little enhancements such as a Mobile optimized site that grows the brand into a valuable asset.

What’s the next step?

Check out your site on a mobile browser on any device. If it’s not loading the way that you’d like your customers to experience, then it is time to do something about it before your competitors do.

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  1. Sue Sutcliffe

    Awesome post Patrick!  

    • kleurvision

      Thanks Sue. Are you experiencing an influx of mobile requirements for clients?

  2. Sue Sutcliffe

    Awesome post Patrick!  

    • kleurvision

      Thanks Sue. Are you experiencing an influx of mobile requirements for clients?