With 7000 SKUs that cross reference over 110,000 products, Alltemp needed to build a custom database application that was useful, and fast.

Helping customers find what they need.

Alltemp a large wholesale distributor and manufactures of HVAC products to some of the biggest retailers in North America. Kleurvision was given the opportunity to creatively solve a large bottle neck in productivity not only for Alltemp themselves but their customers and their customers customers.

By creating a product finder that also includes cross reference search customers are not fumbling around finding the right form to fill out and are guaranteed to get results if the product exits. Don’t worry we also added in an advance search for customers looking for something withe exact specifications and a mobile view as well for the user on the go.

On top of that, we wrapped the entire site in an easy to update custom WordPress theme for easy content management and built out their own API so their customers can too easily be just as awesome.

We had to make the product finder as versatile as possible, being able to quickly and easily find what customers are looking for keeps Alltemp top of mind.