Crayola Canada wanted to focus on growing its brand with the education market through a tailored web property and distributing lesson plans and learning materials.

Now presenting.

Crayola Canada approached Kleurvision to help get their website that was tailor to teachers updated and refined. During the process, it was clear that a greater solution for handling their educational assets was required.

Our primary goal was to simplify the management of lesson plans and to develop a centralized portal that contributors could collaborate and publish content from. We began by taking a look at the types of content that were to be published and how this information would be shared, not only to the Crayola Teachers website, but to currently not developed systems like mobile applications.

We opted to build out a cloud based publishing platform built from the ground up to fit Crayola’s needs, factoring in globalization of the content being published. Image handling was highly important because of the visual nature of the lesson plans and learning materials, so we ensured that an elegant and useful uploading and cropping process was considered inline to eliminate the requirement of photo manipulation software.

On completion, the content platform allowed Crayola administrators to control the publishing of lesson plan assets, and allowed contributors the freedom to build, tag, and append media to lesson plans that use the Crayola products. We tied this into the Crayola Teachers website through a custom built API which allows teachers to quickly see what materials are required, what steps must be taken, and what the learning objectives are. We topped this off with a fully integrated presentation mode that allows lesson plans to be shown at fullscreen for in-class display.

The most challenging component of the Crayola content platform was ensuring that the Crayola products were appropriate tagged into the learning materials.

Our key deliverables.

When Crayola approached Kleurvision to assist with their Crayola Teachers website, our main objective was to provide security and simplification of core system processes. Once that was completed, our web application development abilities were challenged to the much larger task of building a content management platform capable of handling learning materials on a global scale.