Easthill Outdoors

JMA Talent needed a way to manage both its growing customer base and artist roster from anywhere in the world.

Staying on target.

Easthill Outdoors had it’s sights set on Kleurvision to assist with getting their then non-existent business up and running, starting with building a brand that would unite Durham Region’s outdoor sportsmen. Our focus was to design a brand that could compete on a world stage for a local market. We wanted to set Easthill Outdoors apart from its competition by developing amazing design elements and brand standards that were capable of winning awards.

Once the overall brand asset design was completed, we were asked to help develop the online presence for Easthill Outdoors which had to include eCommerce and be connected into a point of sale system. We opted to implement the Lightspeed point of sale suite that could handle the complete supply chain needs for Easthill as well as our eCommerce requirements for their website.

First we handled the procurrement and installation of their new Lightspeed system (which operates wirelessly on iPads and a central Mac desktop server). We worked with Easthill Outdoors staff to ensure that they had a full understanding of the software suite and how it interfaced with the hardware components. We then created their main website which connected to their local server to keep their online and in store inventory in sync.

Inventory management was a primary concern, but we solved this by ensuring that their point of sale and website could speak with each other smoothly.

Our key deliverables.

Our initial engagement with Easthill Outdoors was to deliver a brand strategy that could scale with their business growth and connect with their core demographic. Quickly that objective grew into a much more long-term relationship through the implementation of technology (point of sale hardware and software), website development, support, and digital marketing solutions.