JMA Talent

JMA Talent needed a way to manage both its growing customer base and artist roster from anywhere in the world.

Reinventing the booking agency.

JMA Talent came to Kleurvision with a purpose. To build a brand that could grow, serve it’s audience, and be different. They’ve done just that.

We initially got involved with the team at JMA Talent as part of a brand and website development undertaking. Early in the relationship our core deliverables were to create a logo that would represent the brand through its growth and a website that was easy to operate, elegant, and that showcased the artist roster well.

Shortly after our initial launch of the JMA Talent logo and website, we were asked to build a database application that would allow the agents working at JMA the ability to connect quickly with their artists and their venues in order to push their customer service into hyper drive.

On top of that, we needed to figure out a way to inform the artists of their pending and current bookings without adding a layer of unnecessary administration.

We needed to think about how we were going to keep the artists informed without adding administrative workload.

Our key deliverables.

Our engagement with JMA Talent was to help elevate the company image and provide them a platform that they could scale from including the introduction of their logo and brand assets, a website property that allowed talent buyers the ability to quickly prepare an offer for booking talent, and a robust but lean cloud based dashboard web app that connect the JMA agents to their artist’s itineraries so that true remote management could be enabled.