Pengrowth Energy

Workplace safety became a high priority for Pengrowth Energy in 2013 and Kleurvision was contracted to help give their new programs a consistent brand that connected with their workforce.

Zero Is Possible.

Pengrowth Energy is on a mission. A pursuit of a perfect work environment where incidents are non-existent and a workforce that takes ownership over their own safety.

While Pengrowth had already implemented as Zero Is Possible strategy, they were looking for a way to consolidate their efforts into a company wide program that improved its safety performance scores with Enform. They contracted nationally renown safety specialists Systems Approach Strategies to design their programs and Kleurvision to create a brand that the workers could trust.

The initial challenge that we faced was looking at how the programs were to be delivered and what was required in order to get the workers at Pengrowth Energy to buy in. This needed to be a communication strategy that was conversational, not institutional. We needed to make sure that the users of the program had an opportunity to take part in how the brand was shaped and how the messaging was received.

Out of the gate we designed some brand materials and look books to ensure that employees of Pengrowth knew that a positive change was being made in their work environment and that they were welcomed to provide input.

The most important consideration was to ensure we were creating a brand that was conversational.

Our Key Deliverables.

While this project is still in progress, our core deliverables to date have been vast in scope. From building a brand that internal personnel could connect with to designing materials for course delivery, program components such as data forms (printed and electronic), and general messaging, Kleurvision has helped to shape Zero Is Possible into a realistic and attainable goal.