Startup Connect

Startup Canada was looking to build a tool that could connect entrepreneurs from coast to coast, and hired Kleurvision to help.

Mapping the startup ecosystem.

Part of the Startup Canada mission is to deliver on what they are hearing as the biggest needs of Canadian entrepreneurs. Loud and clear we heard that entrepreneurs were looking for a place they could turn to find information, resources, and community support that they needed to help them achieve their startup goals. Teh concept of StartupConnect was born.

We began by preparing a series of user personas for all of the forecasted stakeholders that would be StartupConnect users. From there a list of core functionality was made that would suit each of the user personas in a way that would be meaningful. At the crux of this user experience design came the requirement to map individuals, organizations, resources, investors and mentors across Canada.

Once we had a mapping solution figured out, we needed to create a centralized system that could manage the Startup Canada communities (Startup Communities) so the we could keep drawing entrepreneurs back to the platform in order to keep them informed of the best tools and resources available to them. This included giving community leaders the ability to publish and syndicate news articles, events, and to populate their own maps.

Quickly the StartupConnect project began to grow into something much more important and needed that originally scoped, which meant looking deeper at the development process and making sure that the user interface was engaging, useful, and trust worthy.

We needed to think about how we were going to keep the artists informed without adding administrative workload.

Our key deliverables.

In the beginning, our objectives were to deliver a clear and concise set of user personas and a general flow for how StartupConnect would operate, what functionality it would contain and what purpose it would serve. Through the course of the project lifespan Kleurvision became responsible for the full user interface design, backend system design and development, database modelling, logo design, and overall product management.