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Getting cool and innovating things done quickly tends to be a bit of a unicorn in corporate environments, and that’s where we can help. We work with large organizations as a black ops team to move projects out of the boardroom and into reality.


You know you want to do something, but you’re not sure what… Before you start building out an RFP to launch a new digital initiative, think about this: have you truly taken the time to understand what is possible?

Thinking deeply.

We facilitate brainstorming sessions that are structured to get to the root of a problem well before we start layering in what the answer might be. Building out elegant, user-centric solutions need input from the outside. Our natural tendency is to play Devil’s Advocate, so love it or hate it, we’re a perfect fit.

  • Problem Identification
  • Solution Design
  • User Personas
  • Delivery Mechanisms
  • Goal Setting

Project Planning

This is where most outcomes are won or lost. Of course, you can always muscle through, but having a mega solid plan of action keeps the gears moving smoothly.

We use a suite of tools to help craft the perfect project plans that are sharable, conversational, and useful.

Deciding on infrastructure.

No, you can’t launch your platform on a shared host. Yes, you need to have a solid privacy policy, terms of service, and disaster recovery place. There are important decisions that have to be made at an early phase in your project’s lifecycle, and that is to determine where it will live. Choosing an operating system, database, storage, load balancer, and web server are 100% dependent on the type of application you are creating and the use cases for it. Making these choices cannot be an afterthought.

Bring on the users.

When it comes to user adoption, understand the key requirements of your targeted audience is paramount. Building user personas help us establish how your users will interact with your brand, but not how to onboard them. Structuring a complete digital marketing strategy that factors in customer service, sales, advertising, PR/communications, and content generation forms the first half end of a user acquisition play. Analyzing the metrics and scaling up what works is the second half.

  • Budget Planning
  • Process Implementation
  • Milestone and Task Tracking
  • Testing
  • Launch Strategy
Kleurvision does mobile web

Design and Development

Design is the most important to contribution to everything we do. Our design team has the broadest range of tasks and the widest range of deliverables. Without design we have chaos, and that ain’t right. Your project needs to function, that’s a given, but it also needs form. Design adds life into an otherwise lifeless interface. Design controls the message.

Wireframes and prototypes.

Getting it right the first time is rare, that’s why we make the effort to prepare in-depth wirefames and flowcharts for everything we build. This means documenting every function, every view, every interaction that a user may come across. Our goal is to work out every aspect of your project needs early to save costly rebuilding and to minify dreaded scope creep. Then we take what we’ve learned and build usable prototypes that can be tested with the target user group.

Thoughtful coding.

We develop our projects from the ground up. Of course we leverage libraries of code we have collected over the years and include third-party source when it makes sense to, but for the most part there is no copy and paste here. Each project is unique and has a specific set of requirements. That means combing through source code and making sure its clean, useful, and secure.

  • Wireframing and Flowcharts
  • Pixel Perfect UI
  • Web and Mobile Application Development
  • Database Architecture


So you’ve launched something cool up into the cloud, now what? Devices change, operating systems get upgrades, users have questions that need answering, support services are required but you’re team is already stretched thin. This is Kleurvision’s time to shine. We’ll work with your users to ensure a smooth and refined experience, keep your tech in top performing shape, and make sure that development roadmaps include forecasts for change in the digital landscape.

What do you mean, change?

All software (yes, even web based) should be considered alive. It has a life span and it also has essential requirements to sustain that life. It must be nurtured, cared for, and loved. When you’re planning your budgets for building out something awesome, make sure to consider the ongoing costs of keeping your beautiful new baby shiny, clean, and well fed.

  • User Support
  • Continual Development
  • Feature Roadmapping
  • Infrastructure Management

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