Windows Phone now Ranks 3rd Among Mobile Operating Systems

As per the IDC, Windows Phone now ranks 3rd among all operating systems; passing Blackberry. The main reason behind their ranking is largely due to a dramatic 133% increase in units sold from last year’s first quater (1Q12). 1Q12 shipment figures were 3 million units worldwide, and now in 1Q13, Windows Phone has 7 million units sold.

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This bares well for Windows Phone, as their nearest competitor has seen a recent downward trend in regards to smartphone sales. Blackberry, the Canadian owned company, sold 3.4 million units less than the previous year and has lost 3.5% market share. Windows Phone and Blackberry are fighting for a 3rd place spot in the smart phone market, but I believe Windows Phone will further distance themselves ahead of Blackberry by the end of the year.

Nokia and Microsoft came to an agreement on February 11th, 2011, that would see plans to create a broad strategic partnership. This agreement was set in place to help build a new global mobile ecosystem, a new user experience. Many people knocked Microsoft and Nokia for doing so but it appears to have finally payed off. Nokia has been credited for most of Windows Phone success with their range of Lumia smartphones. 80% of all Windows Phone OS are sold on a Lumia model. Essentially, the Nokia & Windows Phone has to act an an alternative between Android and Apple’s iOS. Lumia’s are still great quality and indeed users get a reliable smartphone for much cheaper. It will be very hard to Windows Phone to catch up with Android and iOS – it may even be impossible. But, there is still a large sector of market share left for the taking.

Although Windows Phone is no where near Android or iOS type numbers, 3.2% market share of 216.2 million smartphone users is still a considerable feat. Android OS is currently dominating the mobile OS industry, with a 75% market share and 162.1 million units sold in 1Q13. Apple’s iOS remains behind Android as 2nd and boasts an impressive 17.3% market share and 37.4 million units sold in 1Q13.