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Breaking it down

The Governments of Canada and Ontario are supporting the agriculture, agri-food and agri-products sectors to capture online e-business opportunities that will help create new, expanded or enhanced markets and open new retail channels to help generate new revenue streams for future growth. Eligible organizations and businesses can apply for a grant of up to $5,000 to establish an online e-business and marketing presence. Funding under this stream will be quick and responsive for those needing immediate solutions.

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We provide a custom tailored experience for you and your customers, consult on best practices for a safe and efficient shopping experience and help you navigate government grants and funding available to your business. There's always a way we can help incorporate online sales or advertising to your business. Let's chat and come up with some amazing ideas, together.

The Roost Farm

The Roost is a family owned local farm to the Kawartha Lakes. They are popular for their fresh, local, farm produce and meat. There's no doubt that working on farm is a lot of hard work, so we were so happy to help the people behind this business start their online store. We added a functionality to their new website design that enabled them to start selling all of their products online! Happy, loyal customers are now able to maintain their fresh produce and meat purchases through this online store. The Roost farm is thriving and working tirelessly every day to ensure the quality and satisfaction of their customers and we were so happy we were able to help them with their store.

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