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The digital ecosystem surrounds us. Your audience is connected, they are communicating with each other and having conversations about the products and services that they love. Let Kleurvision develop your brand with a voice through website design and digital marketing to make sure your message is heard.

We think creatively.

A problem can’t always be solved by throwing buckets of money at it. Sometimes it just needs some good old fashioned brainstorming. Kleurvision is a full-service digital agency that thinks before it runs. Our process goes something like this…



We carefully analyze all technical and visual goals and help put everything into an digital action plan, which includes the budget, to exceed expectations.


Our creative understanding of consumer behaviour allows us to form a plan that suits your target audience and provides a solution to their problems.


We create solutions that are focused on your target audience to solve their problems in a way that creates sales for you, and strengthens your business.


Once we have established a winning formula, we repeat it and we make adjustments to align with the feedback we receive along the way.

What We Do

We create brands, provide website design, handle digital marketing, and make things beautiful. But here’s the thing. It’s not really about what we do when it comes down to the brass tax. It’s about you, the prospective client, and the challenges you face. This digital agency prides itself on being able to deliver solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients. So really that means we do whatever it takes. And that’s cool, right?

Who We’ve

Worked With

Lucky us, right? We’ve had the amazing privilege of working with some of the most amazing companies in the world.

We know that customer experience is paramount to the success of a brand, and nailing it is hard. That’s why Kleurvision is focused on building solutions to help companies and brands engage their audience in an authentic and real-time way. Its time let this digital agency take the margin out of the mystery.

Lets have a beer (or coffee) and chat.

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Our goal is to educate.

The term margin in the mystery makes us cry. We want to make sure that our clients know what’s up when it comes to brand, technology, and marketing.

The World Needs a New Creative Brief

Gone are the days of the massive Creative Brief meetings and documents – they are a product of a bloated industry focused far too much on the likes and wants of the client rather than the consumer. This process was arduous and could take months to refine – eating up hours of time and dollars – and eventually the briefing document was an impossible task with an unrealistic time line and financial commitment. The creative process takes time and care – it’s not a tap that gets turned on and off at will – unfortunately, most clients are introduced to this process far too late in the game. The lack of understanding regarding “how this happens” is not truly appreciated. A good creative document will account for the process and a great Creative Director will create the space needed to be innovative and inspirational, plus represent and defend the product internally and externally. We’re in a new generation of consumers and the Creative Document must reflect the new world. Here are six topics a creative document should include: Experience – define the Experience you want your consumer to have with your Brand. Without a memorable experience the product will be forgotten. Brand – focus on the Brand – People buy brands before they buy products – give the consumers a reason to believe and support the Brand, positive involvement will create disciples and they will promote your Brand. Message – find a meaningful Message that supports the experience and speaks to the target audience – let the consumer know you’re out there. Audience – speak to the Audience in...

Why do Start-Ups wait so long to discover their Brand?

Brand experience is what differentiates your company from your competitors. It also defines your culture and brings to life your products and services. As your product moves forward or takes on more competitors, your brand will need to remain relevant within the marketplace. Most Start-Up’s ignore this simple task and generally it’s left far too late in the development process. Branding is an extremely important stage of any product or service – it seems funding, operations, manufacturing and finance are all quickly adapted with the Branding pasted over for alter date. Target Audience, Marketing, Experience Development are neglected until the product is just about ready to launch – these steps need to be accomplished sooner rather than later. Brands should have a strategic plan that ties into the Business and Financial plan undertaking this process will prove to be a successful step in generating revenues. Without closing these gaps a successful Brand experience cannot be guaranteed – listed below are few of the main distractions surrounding Brand failure. Not focused on the Target Audience – you must discover your Target Audience and determine what makes them “tick” now and into the future – this will ensure you Brand is always relevant. Great Product – No Direction – your product or service must demonstrate a wanted benefit or need relevant to your target audience. The product may be the greatest invention but if it doesn’t fulfill a void in the marketplace – no one will pay attention. Trapped In Your Own Space – Get out from under your work – go and look at the real world and see how...

Why Startups Should Pay Attention to Their Brand

One of the biggest opportunities any startup will have is being clear to the marketplace about who you are and what you do. Unfortunately most Start-ups try to be everything to everyone – and by doing so, leaving customers wondering and often dollars on the table in lost revenues. In this fast paced “customer first” world, you cannot afford to let people wonder – uncertainties will lead to lack of confidence – which leads to lost revenues. What makes you different? What makes your Brand different from other Brands in your industry? Once you decide what makes you different, your entire brand should be focused around this message. Before you develop your brand message, you have to assess your business, how it operates and the messages that you want to deliver. 1. Figure out your business, product or service’s core capabilities – create the experience and the brand will follow. 2. Identify your existing and potential customers, find out what they like and what they don’t. Allowing people entry points with the brand message will convert people to “brand carriers”. 3. Find out how your customers and your employees understand your business. Reliable? Caring? Cheap? Expensive? Luxurious? No-frills?  These – emotional responses are important. 4. Define how favourably customers and potential customers view your business — this is your perceived Value. What do they think of when your brand is mentioned to them? Low perceived value could restrict or damage your business. High-perceived quality gives you a platform to grow and increase revenues. 5. Consider how far you can develop your business with its current customer base without moving away from your...

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