Getting to know Kleurvision

We’re digital sh*t disturbers that will not rest until we have created something amazing for our clients. Website design, app development, logos and branding, or digital marketing.

We love ideas and we dream big. Let’s make something.


Patrick Lyver

Chief Visionary Officer

I've been at the helm of Kleurvision Inc. for 16 years and continue to drive it into new areas of exploration. I apply critical thinking to everything that I do, and do so with extraordinary passion. I've helped hundreds of businesses, from small to enterprise solve brand communications problems by jumping in as a black-ops strategist and rewiring the way they think and act. I love my community, my family, and my career path.

A bit of background. I am a formally trained graphic designer turned creative director and marketing experimenter. I can design, code (PHP/JS/CSS), and sell platform and service. I grow businesses.


Trevor Cave

Director of Technology

Trevor joined Kleurvision in 2004 as a junior designer, leaving his position at an interior design magazine, Canadian Interiors, to pursue a more active and creative role. He quickly became Kleurvision’s go-to in-house website developer through both traditional and self-taught methods. Since 2006 he has honed his PHP programming skills, adding finesse to his design style, and worked his way up to Director of Technology.


Alison Lyver

Account Manager, Book Keeper, Client Relations

Alison has been involved with Kleurvision since it’s inception. She has a keen eye for numbers and organization, hence her role with accounting and bookkeeping for the company. She also is a strong extrovert, and loves client relations and project management. Her education had a joint major BA in English & Psychology from Trent University, and has a love of horses, the outdoors, hiking, downhill skiing and all things about the outdoors. She’ll never turn down the offer to sit by a campfire and listen to good music and good stories.


Brian Warren

Lead Designer

Brian has a keen Graphic Design mind and leads all design assignments with his artistic communication talent. Every assignment in Kleurvision goes across Brian’s desk for visual accuracy and clarity of communication. Brian is both formally and self-taught in a variety of artistic mediums and is a true artist.


Omari Wright

Senior Web Developer

Omari is a senior Full-Stack Web Developer, having been involved in some sort of programming since late elementary school. After graduating from Durham College in the Internet Applications & Web Development program, he joined Kleurvision and has been with the company for 6 years. Omari has a strong love for the problem solving involved in coding and loves all things web-related, which is why he chose web development as opposed to other forms of coding.


Rebecca Arton

Graphic Designer & Jack of all trades

Born in England, Becky has grown up in her family’s business and has a passion for helping KV clients grow their business. She graduated with a Bachelor of Honours in Graphic Design from the University of Central Lancashire, UK. After travelling around the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia after University, and volunteered in Africa for a period of time, she found Kleurvision in 2018. She has a passion for creativity, design and dogs, LOVES sarcasm and a good cuppa tea - and is the first one to share funny memes in our office!

Here we go.

Struck with boredom and the lack of creative freedom in a corporate environment, entrepreneur Patrick Lyver wanted more from his creative career in graphic design. With the desire to feel the winds of change regularly, the need for an agency that could bend and shape with the times was more about filling a personal void rather than being spurred from a market opportunity. In 2004 Kleurvision Inc. was born. A fresh identity, graphic design, and digital development business that aimed to specialize in being known for its problem solving capabilities rather than awards or a glamorous mailing address.

Since that spring in 2004, Kleurvision has established the branding momentum for a number of clients, helping these organizations send clear and distinct messages and build strong foundations of corporate identity, trust and market presence.

Flipping over stones.

It isn’t a surprise to know that the world we live in is changing on a daily basis. Our expectations of how we interact, what we eat, the way we shop, where we travel, and how we communicate are shifting constantly. Keeping up to date with technology sometimes means tearing it apart and looking under the hood. Sometimes it means breaking something just to see if you can reassemble it. And once in awhile it means making improvements to a process that, for all intents and purposes, was flawless. At Kleurvision our developers are constantly in flux, learning new programming languages or playing the role of hardware engineer for an afternoon. We are hesitant to restrict their titles to web developers, but proud to call them internet developers.

We embrace this ever shifting landscape with a yearning to discover. This is what we are at our core. Explorers leading missions to challenge status quo and influence change. We flip over every stone to uncover new and better ways to achieve success. Whether it be through eliminating bottlenecks in traditional safety training programs through the introduction of digital, or by aligning trust by creating a brand for something once thought unbrandable. We are a corporate black-ops team that lives for the unknown.

Design First

Great design is about problem solving at its core. Not only does it add visual aesthetic, but when elements of a project align harmoniously something beautiful happens. The audience becomes more attentive and the messaging becomes clearer. At Kleurvision we pride ourselves on being not only a highly creative design agency, but also being able to provide the strategic communication and technical skills necessary to standout in today’s digital battlefield.


It is not easy to find a team to work with that can identify your company's needs so well. Kleurvision is somehow able to take my rambling ideas, and turn them into reality. They are able to identify needs for us that may have slipped by us, and work with us to elevate the brand. What sets Kleurvision apart is they genuinely care about the brand they are working on, and want to see it succeed as much as you do, which is what creates such a seamless, beneficial partnership.

Kyra Dietsch - Communications Manager, Old Flame Brewery

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