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Ontario Real Estate Association - Reality 2020 Conference

OREA has established a new trajectory in their evolution and the work KV has had the opportunity to contribute to the relationship has continued to elevate over time. After the completion of the inaugural REALiTY event, the brain trust between OREA and KV developed a simple but challenging goal: Let’s do this again and create a new standard in Canada for Real Estate Events.

REALiTY 2020 would be that event.

Project Management

Creating a New Standard

OREA’s focus has changed over the past few years pivoting from education to policy and community building. Through those changes, there’s been a great deal of opportunity for innovation and new thinking. How can we best support the Real Estate Community in Ontario?

Leadership. Technology. Connections. Opportunity.

Across mediums, KV has been challenged to elevate the quality of content and messaging derived from OREAs marketing and communication teams. The collaboration has been frequent and seamless. It’s rare that two organizations can find such a groove to organically elevate each other, but the synergy is real. And it’s a good thing. The REALiTY 2020 undertaking would be monumental.

If a new standard was to be created, we needed a show. The brand needed to be cool. The content to be worthwhile. The capturing to be pixel perfect. The importance not to be understated.

The Strategy

All Hands on Deck

And so we went to work. Collaboration would be early and often. The project had a massive life cycle kicking off in early 2018. Project management would be such a key factor is keeping the project on track. We had many stakeholders to consider both internally and externally that would impact our ability to deliver. The budgets were complicated and fluid; the expectations ever changing.

Over the course of two years, the entire KV team had a hand in execution.

Our creative team executed on a shared vision to create a really vibrant brand. The creative offshoots from the brand were extraordinary in volume and elegant in delivery.

The digital elements were vast and effective; contributing to strong sales numbers and massive brand impressions.

The content capturing was frequent during the marketing cycle and on-site during the event.
Our videography and photography teams captured produced high quality content and our post-production teams acted swiftly to craft the content.

And above all, the relationships became the most important aspect of all. The amount of the effort needed to be managed and channeled appropriately. The meetings were necessary and endless and the hours from strategy to execution were countless.

But in the end, we were able to champion a great success. Over 3 days in Niagara Falls Ontario, REALiTY 2020 was established as the leading conference in Canadian Real Estate.

We’ve already gotten started on 2022 celebrating 100 years of OREA.

In the end, we were able to champion a great success. Over 3 days in Niagara Falls Ontario, REALiTY 2020 was established as the leading conference in Canadian Real Estate.

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