Case Study

Better Beer. Stronger Community.

We love great beer. We love to get creative(duh). We love giving back to the community. From the time we started talking with the crew at Town Brewery about their vision, we knew it was a great fit. Getting aligned on a project from the onset is such an important part of success and there was a glow early on between our groups. And it wasn’t just the beer.

Project Management

Better Beer. Stronger Community.

We got to talking. Plans were made. Goals were created. Lists were written and dreams were documented. Town Brewery had its vision: Better Beer. Stronger Community. We had our goal: Better Beer. Stronger Community. The alignment. It’s so important. The difference is where we execute. Town Brewery would make the beer. It’s our job to shape a brand that exemplifies our collective vision and connects with the audience.

The creative process is often rewarding, commonly challenging and in the best cases, super fun. In some cases, clients can be very hands-off and that’s cool. We’re happy t do the work and flex our creative muscles. But we love it when our clients engage with us and get in the same headspace to create. The Town team was eager to get involved and we were stoked.

We could feel the potential in the market place and there was an excitement about digging in and manufacturing something that would disrupt on impact. So we went to work.

The Strategy

Making an Impact

Creating a brand with the potential to make an immediate impact takes guts. Its takes guts to experiment. It takes guts to be honest and direct. It takes guts to work through a creative process with all of the potential in the world but knowing that most of the ideas will end up on the floor in support of the best idea. We loved working through this process with Town. They’ve got guts.

And the result was iconic. We worked through the creative process collaboratively and forged our way to a brand that is simple in nature and ripe for growth. The Lampost icon is found on gear thats become as popular as the beer. Packaging that’s become a destination. It’s made it’s away to beer taps in bars across the province, across digital properties, a star on social media and giant size on the Town Brewery wall.

The strides our friends at Town Brewery have made in a short time have been tremendous. We’re super proud of them. And thankful to them for having us along for the ride.

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