eCommerce for Your Business

You need to get your business online now. There is no better time than the present to get digital, get relevant and stay in front of your clients with an online store for your company and a user-friendly experience. The shopping and checkout process has to be easy to follow and comfortable - and we are here to help. This is our passion!

Kleurvision has been leading small businesses through the covid19 pandemic with eCommerce website design, development & support.

Start selling online with a Shopify website NOW.
Kleurvision can help make it shine!

Let's BeginWhat Do I Do?

Here's a prime example:

Old Flame Brewing Co. is located in Port Perry ON and renowned for its taproom experience along with being found in LCBO’s across Ontario. When COVID hit and disrupted business, Old Flame was quick to react and has actually created an entire new revenue stream in response.

The first thing they did? Call their trusted partners at KV.

Read the whole story here.

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So how do you go from bricks and mortar to eCommerce in ONE week?

Let us show you.

Step One


When it comes to eCommerce, there is no quicker way to get started than to launch an online system using Shopify.

In large, Shopify provides a solution that can allow you to be up and running in less than a week if you want to tackle it yourself, or less than a day if you leverage a Shopify Partner like Kleurvision.

You can check out Shopify here or you can quit screwing around and get in-touch with us and we’ll do it for you.

We will help you by designing & building your eCommerce store - to give your customers a comfortable, easy-to-you store and checkout experience. This is key to convert potential customers into actual sales.

Step Two

Drive Traffic.

You’ve got a store! You need customers!
There are a few steps to consider to bring the eyeballs.


Start with the information you know and fill in the gaps. Creating a quick customer avatar will guide your marketing and creative decisions.

Who is your audience? Where is your audience? How are they consuming information? Start here and you’re on the right track.


You need to consider your message and the creative assets that you already own. The name of the game is speed. Work with what you’ve got.

Images, brand assets, stock photos, phone video and images. This is the part where you get creative.

There's a reason you’ve made a pivot in your business model. There’s a business reason but there’s also going to be a human element to what you’re doing. Don’t forget to talk about both sides of your business decisions.


You’ve identified who your audience is and where they’re hanging out: Now you go and get them!

Chances are you’re probably using various social channels, but don’t forget to work all of the opportunities in front of you; both paid and organic.

Step Three

Measure your success!

Our team at Kleurvision is here to see you through! We can show you how to measure your website metrics and success, provide marketing plans and social media marketing strategies.

Start selling online. As an entrepreneur, you wear so many hats. Learn more about how we can get your company ahead with an eCommerce website today.