Marketing Tactics vs Strategy

If you have dipped your toes in the vast umbrella of the marketing world....

…then you may have heard about terms like strategy or tactics being used. These two terms may seem like they’d be similar or the same, but they are not! 

Let’s elaborate…

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy describes the process by which you will reach your marketing goals and potential customers. Your strategy looks into who buys your product or service, how you will motivate them to take action, understanding your competitors and how to set yourselves apart from them. As well, your strategy will help with understanding how to measure the marketing progress and make changes/tweaks, where necessary. 


It is called a strategy because it’s a strategic plan on how you will rock the market in your industry. It involves in-depth research and thinking – knowing who your target audience is, buyer behaviour, competition and such. It involves clever positioning within your industry – who your brand is and how it’s different, knowing your brand voice, look and feel and where to place yourself. Promotion as a tool for getting your product out there, building relationships with customers and the buyer experience as a whole. Then being able to measure how everything is working. These are extremely elaborate plans that take a while to curate. They can be changed and tweaked but it will take a lot more time. 


Marketing Tactics

Your marketing tactics are the little steps that need to be taken within a strategy in order to truly succeed, they go hand in hand but aren’t the same. There is a lot more work when creating a strategy, and the strategy always comes first, but the tactics are how you shall implement initiatives outlined in your strategy. They can be adjusted and easily changed, depending on how much they align with your strategy. There are also so many marketing tactics to utilize, there are all sorts of tools to help you out there. Tactics on tactics on tactics….but they will all fall under the marketing umbrella and if used correctly, will lead you to your goal. 


We hope this helps you understand marketing lingo and if you have any questions then we’d love to chat!