Shop Local

Let Kleurvision help you get your online store up and running

We are looking at the most digital Christmas holiday season in history. With restrictions, lockdowns, self distancing and cautious shopping behaviour, there is no doubt that the majority of holiday shopping will be done online this year.

Canada is at a tipping point, a pivotal moment where businesses have been forced to change and consumers are also changing their shopping habits.

For our clients…we want to stress to you the importance of thinking WEB TRAFFIC this year, and not foot traffic. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this time spent at home has impacted what people are buying and when, and what services they require. Undoubtedly, Canadian shoppers have changed the way they shop, and the result is that your business has to match strides with this change.

The #shoplocal theme is big this year. People want to see small businesses thrive. Trends are showing that some of the biggest items consumers will purchase for presents are gift cards – you will want to make sure you offer this option and advertise this. As well, ask yourself if your online experience is top-notch? Businesses can win customers with a seamless experience. Make sure your website and product listings are up-to-date and easily found online – your call to action on your website needs to be clear and well understood and easy to flow to shop and check out. If there are glitches, your potential customers will leave without checking out.

This year, there is a merge of both e-commerce and physical stores – they are linking together like never before. It is no longer about offering one or the other – services such as curbside pickup have created the perfect gateway to allow for consumers to feel safe and still supportive of small businesses. Consider how you can advertise this to your customers.

This is a new, scary but potentially profitable and exciting new world to be in as a business owner. Nervous, scared, confused, excited, eager to tackle this challenge? Let’s chat. We’re here to¬†help