Food for thought……What does your company logo say about you?

how does your company logo affect the way your brand is perceived?

Your logo. This is the first impression, the mark you make initially on your audience. It represents your brand.  But how does your company logo affect the way your brand is perceived?

You need to have the mindset that your company logo is a symbol of your company’s identity. A well thought out and crafted logo not only creates a first impression of your company but it expresses your company’s value and importance, all in one. Remember: people have learned to associate a brand’s logo with its values and character. You want to remain iconic in your customers’ minds.

But the big question is: what are these associations, and why are they important to keep in mind for your logo?

A company logo says a lot about your brand: who you are, what you do, how you execute and deliver your services, and why you do what you do. Considering your logo type, shape, color, font, and icons – it says a lot about you and your brand.

Your logo needs to be present everywhere you are – in your store, in your signage, in your stationery, your website, social media, uniforms, swag, apparel, etc. Brand yourself in every way possible, so when your logo pops up, your customer base knows exactly WHO you are and WHAT you represent. Be unforgettable 🙂

There are many options to consider when choosing the route you want to go with your logo. To begin with, you can consider a wordmark logo – which is also called a logotype – these are freestanding logos that embody the company name in a custom font style that becomes the logo. These are easily recognized, easy to read, relate and identify – but you need to make sure that this is fun and engaging, or the audience will be bored and lose interest. Amazon, Ebay, NASA and Coca-Cola are all fantastic examples of word mark logos.

Another option when you are thinking about your logo, is letterform logos (also known as lettermark logos). A letterform logo is a typography-based logo that’s composed of a few letters, often using a company’s initials or the first letter in the company’s name. This is all about simplicity and recognition. By utilizing just a few letters, letterform logos are effective at streamlining and simplifying any company brand, even if they have a long name. Think of how Hyundai, McDonald’s, CoCo Chanel or General Electric create an instant connection with their simplistic letterform logos. 

Emblem logos can be very effective and create connections, especially when based with clothing, equipment and swag. This is where a company’s name is combined with a pictorial element – Starbucks, Warner Brothers, Harley Davidson and Ford are great examples. These work great as an embroidered patch but when used in small sizes – ie. on letterhead or business cards – it can be hard to read.

A picture is worth a thousand words – this is the premise of a pictorial logo. This is the concept that a picture – ie. the Starbucks mermaid, Colonel Sanders for KFC, the Playboy bunny or the World Wildlife Fund’s panda bear – creates an instant recognition of the brand. Recognizable symbols are what are used here, so it is easy for the audience to connect and engage with. Often, pictorial logos are very literal, like Apple’s apple logo, or they can symbolize a brand’s attitude, approach to business or the industry they are in

Abstract logos are just that – they are abstract imagery and symbolism, much like abstract art. Think along the lines of Adidas, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Microsoft. Abstract logos can be extremely effective, if they are planned right. Designers have to be careful here, as messaging can be lost in the abstract process, as abstract logos can be confusing and easily misinterpreted in different ways, depending on a person’s background, education, faith, where they live, etc. 

So what logo is best for YOU and YOUR company? This all depends on various factors – the name of your company, what you buy, sell, make and produce, what is your company’s history and background, etc. Put some thought into who you are as a business owner and also look at your business from the outside in – and make sure you work with reputable designers who are proud to showcase their branding work. Kleurvision is happy to answer your questions – the world of branding, marketing & logos can be overwhelming and confusing. We’re happy to chat!