The Caregiver Archetype

The Caregiver is such a wonderful archetype.

 Think of your most caring parent, guardian, influencer or a stranger who helped you cross the street! These types of people are fulfilled by taking care of or helping others. Caregiver characteristics can be seen as individuals who prioritize helping others over all else, they are normally very generous and are quick to forgive and encourage. They like to live a humble and simple life and value time spent with others. They cultivate hope in others and are often very optimistic and fear selfishness and ingratitude.


The Caregiver archetype in a brand has a tone of warmth, gentleness and welcoming. They tend to anticipate the needs of their employees and consumers well in advance to best accommodate, and use their services and/or technology to provide help and hold high sentiments towards family and relationships. Large brands that can be associated with this archetype are Johnson + Johnson or Heinz. A brand that Kleurvision works with that fosters this archetype would be Grandview Kids. They provide family-centered paediatric and rehabilitation services for children and youth with physical, communication and developmental needs. They are all about caregiving and helping the youth today and the youth of the future, as well as their families. GVK is perfect representation of the Caregiver Archetype. 


Now back to our Marvel Cinematic Universe + Archetype series. The Marvel character we have chosen that best represents the Caregiver archetype would be Vision. 

Vision was originally J.A.R.V.I.S (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) who we were introduced to in the very first Iron Man. J.A.R.V.I.S was the computer AI system created by Tony Stark/Iron Man as an assistant that would do everything, from turning the lights on, opening the garage, to being a helpful hand in creating all of Tony’s gadgets (i.e, the Iron Man suits). Jarvis ended up becoming Vision, because of a fight with Ultron (who was also created by Tony Stark) in Avengers: Age of Ultron to be an AI peacekeeper, except Ultron was corrupt and wanted to ensure peace through human extinction.) J.A.R.V.I.S needed to become Vision in order to keep Ultron from gaining an indestructible vibranium body and harnessing the energy of the mind stone, which would make him almost un-defeat-able. Vision’s main goals in life were to help others and to save the planet. He cares for and protects others all the time, but still has his own thoughts and personality, which is how he was able to fall in love with Wanda. Vision ends up being destroyed by Thanos, when Thanos takes his Mind Stone, therefore “killing” him. We later see Vision “come back to life” in WandaVision, but this is all an illusion created by Wanda. He likes to reason with his enemies first, as all he wants to do is help and keep the peace, but will fight if necessary to protect. 


This is why Vision is the perfect Caregiver. He has the morals of a saint and his purpose is to protect and help others. If you can think of any other Marvel characters that live up to the Caregiver Archetype, or want to find out more about your brand/personality, send us a message! 🙂