Why You Need to Start a Podcast!

Q: Why should you and your business start a podcast? A: Four words: To Build An Audience!

Think about content, and how important it is for your brand and for your website. Just like with a blog, videography or photography, a podcast is another form of content, and is a way for you to continue to build an audience. As your podcast grows in popularity, the size of your audience increases, people share your content and people start to be interested in what you have to say. 

Not everyone who listens to your podcast will return for more, but the ones who like your style and your content will become regular and loyal listeners.

At Kleurvision, we put a lot of emphasis on our clients’ attention to content and their brand – the two work simultaneously together. It was Seth Godin who said, “marketing is a contest for people’s attention” – which means, you need to get in front of people and in front of your audience. Content needs to be easy to consume and satisfying, as the human race craves information and education. Audio content is convenient for your customers to give attention to – when the world is so busy and we are pulled in so many directions at once, it is difficult to give our full attention to things. Podcast and audio content can be consumed while the listener is doing something else, and they can multitask. Your audience members can listen to your podcast while doing household chores, travelling or driving, when out for a run or exercising. Doing so doesn’t distract them from their current activity, it enriches it. Audio content is portable and convenient.

The word “podcast” can sound intimidating and overwhelming and expensive – but it’s not! You can get yourself set up fairly affordably, or better yet, find someone who has a proper set up ready to go so you can produce effortlessly. Here at Kleurvision HQs, we are happy to help our clients host their podcasts with our studio set up and editing options – we also have capacity to hosting virtual podcasts during the pandemic or when distance makes it difficult to get together in-person.

By hosting a podcast with guests, there is a huge benefit of being able to expand your network.This is a great platform that you can use to leverage your reach – the opportunities to connect with people and businesses outside of your immediate network suddenly adds a huge return. Your podcast guests can also become invaluable members of your network and help with your business growth.

By sharing your knowledge and experience in your industry in the form of podcasts, you will be respected as an authority in your industry. By being willing to share your opinions and your products/services, as well as your story, you can become more authentic and respected by your audience. Remember, a podcast is a part of your content. Hosting a podcast has a similar effect as running a blog or writing a book – it helps develop your reputation as an expert, it will improve your online & digital presence, help with website SEO and broaden your connections. When listening to podcasts vs. reading material, you become more real to your audience – your voice will make what you have to tell people more personal and relatable. They can hear your excitement, enthusiasm, emotions – this is something that can be hard to convey in the written word. It is almost like you are having a conversation with each person who is listening to you as they are out for a walk or driving to work, and returning listeners will start to build a connection with you and therefore could lead you to gaining more business.

Have fun with your podcast! It is an exciting and relevant way to convey your messaging to your prospective customers and audience! Kleurvision loves all things digital – including podcasts! Let’s chat today and get you going on your own podcast adventure!