Why Your Branding Can Make or Break Your Business

Your brand is everything to your company!

And if you don’t know what branding is then you should leave this blog immediately and check out our other blog So What Exactly Is Branding? And once you finish reading, come back to read this one! 


Okay now that you know what branding is, let’s talk about how your branding can make or break your business. First off, let’s look at the pros of having great branding:

Great Branding Increases Awareness

  • by having a great brand system in place, you can attract people visually and communicatively . Great branding can grab your audience’s attention and draw them in. They are now aware of your brand, they’ve seen it, they know it, and if your brand is unique and memorable, your brand will… (read the next part) 

Become Top Of Mind 

  • Great branding will put your company in the forefront of your target audience’s brain. When they hear or see or smell or even feel something that somehow correlates to your branding, they will think of you, and maybe even vocalize it! And that hat will gain you some word of mouth advertising!

Great Branding Builds Trust

  • When you have great branding that is cohesive, consistent, polished and makes sense, you will create brand trust! People need to see legitimacy and see that your mediums of marketing and sales all correlate! Then they will feel safe in working with you and making purchases from your company.

Great Branding Will Boost Brand Loyalty 

  • The best brands in the world master this: Brand Loyalty – in all it’s glee! This is where you have customers that keep coming back, even for life! They don’t dare purchase from your competitors, either! Why shop around when you have become first and foremost in your customers’ minds?

Great Branding Can Be Wearable

  • This point is not about making any product or service transform into a nice shirt, although that’d be pretty cool! This means that you need to have branding that can be featured on clothes or gadgets or stickers, etc. Branded merch that people can wear or carry around with your branding on it – it’s basically free advertising! 


There aren’t really any cons to having great branding (no surprise) but there are a LOT of cons to having poor branding done. Kleurvision has worked with brands large and small, businesses and startups starting from scratch, or established brands who was a refresh. Let’s get your branding conversation started today – it’s not worth waiting to get your brand moving in the right direction.