So you’re an entrepreneur. You’re wired to do everything.

You have the desire, the passion and the discipline to get shit done.


But  here’s the thing; you need to stop. Right now.

You’re doing something you shouldn’t be. And it’s going to kill your business.

Any entrepreneur is going to agree that time spent focused on business growth and creating revenue will always be considered priority.

And the best way to do that? Expose your skill set. Do what you do best.
Remember why you started your business and go and do that.

Of course it’s not that simple. There’s so much more to owning a business than doing what you do best. So here’s the other thing you need to do; get some help and stop doing the things you shouldn’t be doing.

You’ve likely got an accountant. You probably have an IT person. Maybe even just someone to help sweep the floors.
Any way you shake it, you can’t do it all yourself and you know this. You’re smart. You’re a business owner.

So why don’t you think you need help marketing your business?

Are you an accountant? No.
Are you an IT person? No.

Are you a marketer? No, you are not.

Trying to learn to build a website at 4am is not contributing to a revenue generating, growth focused machine.
You should be sleeping at 4am. Sleep is good.

Hobby marketing and running a successful business don’t go hand in hand. You won’t find that case study.
A smart business owner values and understands what their not capable of doing themselves and they get help.

A successful marketing plan takes time to develop, execute and follow through on. It’s a full time job.

-Identify your audience – Craft your message – Create your visuals – Acknowledge your channels –– Get it out there – Keep it moving – Review – Make Adjustments –– Do it again – Keep keepin’ it moving—Rise—Repeat.

Get smart about your time. Get smart about your dollars. Get smart about your ROI.

Stop doing the things you shouldn’t be doing.

The team at Kleurvision will take it off your desk and partner in your business success.
We’ll do it right. You won’t.

Don’t waste another minute of your time. Don’t waste another dollar.

Get in-touch with Kleurvision. Right now.


Join Kleurvision at Do It Durham for the ANTI-DIY marketing clinic.
Thursday November 17, 2016
The Centennial Building
Manning Room(upstairs)
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Whitby, ON