The Lover Archetype

The Lover Archetype is an important piece in our Archetype Blog Series.

This archetype wants to feel love, they want to create meaningful and deep relationships with the work, people and surroundings that give them joy. They will become more physically and emotionally attractive to gain what they want, as they seek true love, intimacy, sensuality, passion, sex appeal and pleasure. Which boils down to their fear of being alone or unwanted. 

If we were to fit this archetype into a brand we would say this brand looks for ways to make others feel special, wanted and loved. They celebrate intimacy and the physical joys of being a human. The type of brands associated with this archetype are usually in the food, jewelry, fashion, design or cosmetics industries, and are mostly high end and luxurious. A well known brand that is recognized world-wide that portrays this archetype well would be Hagen Dazs! A few companies and brands that we have worked with that portrays the lover archetype would be Vicky Cooper Real Estate and Patti Wilson Design! These companies are without a doubt, luxury brands. They work with a main goal of finding and creating spaces that their clients love and feel inspired by.

How this translates to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is what we are going to look into now! (Warning, there will be spoilers if you haven’t watched Guardians Of The Galaxy) 

Starlord (Peter Quill) was taken from his planet Earth as a child after his mother died by Yondu the leader of the Ravagers mercenary, who was paid to kidnap him by Ego (Peter’s biological Father and a Celestial… which is one of the first powerful beings). They never ended up delivering him, but instead kept him because his small body and hands could fit in the places they couldn’t for stealing. He left them, and went on his own path, but all he really wanted was love and family. 

His music that he often listens to was given to him from his passed mother, and is a reminder of the want he feels for love and family. He puts out a humorous facade to cover up the amount of loneliness and unwantedness he feels, which may make some believe he is more of the Jester Archetype, but once you pay closer attention and continue to get to know his character you realize quite a difference.


Peter ends up stealing an orb, which then makes Yondu put a bounty on him (Since Yondu wants the Orb also). This is how he ends up meeting a raccoon named Rocket, a tree named Groot, and a woman named Gamora, who are all trying to either steal the orb or capture him for a bounty prize. They all end up becoming an alliance, to work together to become the Guardians of the Galaxy. Which then leads them into building a family bond that will last forever, with love and joy, and new friends along the way! Which really shows how Peter was in fact, a lover all along. 

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