What is A Media Kit, and How Do You Make One?

Media Kit aka Press Kit…what the heck is it?

Essentially, a media kit is a package of information about your company, products, services or event(s), and it will tell someone a story about your business!

They are used for creating partnerships with other brands, for press, journalists, reporters, media outlets or for events and event sponsorships. It is super important that they are kept in a neat and well thought of presentation that is easy to digest, and that anyone viewing it can find all the information they require without having to speak to you. 

If your media/press kit is available digitally, it can be used for cross linking and can have downloadable sections, which makes it even better!

Having a digital copy that can be easily changeable is also a big bonus. If you ever wanted to add new information, you don’t have to redo everything and go back to print again. Then you will also have available a PDF version for printing small batches, just in case! 


How to make one? 


Let’s go over the content we think should be used in a media/press kit! 

First off, you will need a bio about your company! The people reading will want to know everything from a very high-level view. They don’t want to spend hours and hours reading about your company, but it should have enough info on your company that they don’t need to ask you questions. This will be your: 

  • What
  • Why
  • Where 
  • When 
  • How 

You will also want to include your vision for the company. Where do you see the company in the next year? 5 years? 10 years? 

But don’t forget your Who! This could include team pictures and bios, anyone that is relevant to the work or who is a part of the media team in the company. This is anyone who will be in contact with the receiver of the media kit. 

You should include company assets, like different logos files in different colors, this could be your brand colors and brand fonts, if necessary. Don’t forget to include some GREAT quality images or videos – for images the bigger, the better. This could be: 

  • Product shots 
  • Head shots 
  • Action shots 

You will want to include case studies and testimonials! How are people supposed to know you are amazing just because you told them so? You must create some trust. Showcasing other work you have done will let the work you do speak for itself.  If you are including testimonials then other people can do the convincing for you! 

Last but most importantly not least, would be contact information! Imagine you give them all this great information, but they have no way to get in contact with you after going through your whole kit? They should have access to your email, website and phone numbers, in case they require your attention quickly. 


If you are needing help defining what should and shouldn’t go in your media kit, we would love to help! We can also help design one for you that is on brand, neat and concise, with all the key information that will get your brand noticed! 

Contact us today! 🙂