A Letter to Our People

An update from Kleurvision regarding COVID-19

Woah. Quite the week we’re having. How’s everybody doing?

The gang at KV are working to maintain our status quo of providing top-notch customer service and outputs for our clients but we’re also taking this damn thing seriously.

So we’ve made some adjustments to how we’re working.

Here’s the scoop:

  1. We’re all working remotely unless it’s 100% absolutely necessary to get together. The good thing is that this is not new to the Kleurvision crew. We’ve been supporting a flexible and remote working attitude here for quite a while.
  2. For the foreseeable future, we’re going to ask our clients to be amenable to phone calls and video conferences. We always like to see our clients and friends in person, but this is something we feel is pretty necessary for the next little while. Everyone doing their part, right? Right!
  3. Most of us have young children and they won’t be in school for the next few weeks. We’ll do our best to keep our littles out of the video chats, but if you see a little person pop up, just say hi and know that we’re probably embarrassed about it 🙂

Honestly, these changes aren’t going to impact us a ton. We all work remotely a lot of the time anyway and we’ve got a solid flow going to figure this out. Because of this we don’t anticipate any lag in our service.

But we also understand that not all of our clients are used to working from home, and some simply cannot. We know this could mean a crazy inconvenience for many of our clients and it might be causing a bit of anxiety trying to adjust to a new working model. Working at home might be something entirely foreign and it’s going to take support. If you’re a business owner, it might disrupt your way of doing business and your comfort level with how to keep things moving forward.

We can help. We already know how to do this. And we want to provide the knowledge that we have gained over the years to anyone who needs it in this trying time. This is not a sales pitch, this is just the right thing for us to do. A way we can contribute to making things a little less chaotic.

If you need support from a technology and communication perspective we can support you. From video conferencing to business chat software, sales strategies, to social media management, this is our jam. We can show you the best way to implement it into your business.

New ideas on how to keep generating revenue? We can help there too (to be honest, we’ve probably already started thinking about it). If you want to kick around a few ideas, give us a call.

The point is, there’s going to be a way through this outbreak and we’re ready to help however we can. Whatever happens over the coming days, weeks and months, we’re going to help you stay strong from a business perspective and when everything bounces back, and it will, we want to make sure our clients are stronger than ever.

We’re problem solvers and we’re ready to help.

We don’t ever do this but things like this don’t ever happen. Here is a list of Kleurvision staff that can help. Please reach out to any of us for any reason. We’re all in this together. Stay safe out there.


Patrick Lyver – President

Alison Lyver – Client Management

Aaron Sawyer – New Business and Project Management

Trevor Cave – Technology

Brian Warren – Design Lead

Becky Arton – Design/Creative

Omari Wright – Development