How Brands Can Use Personalization To Create Unique Online Shopping Experiences

By now practically everyone has had at least one online shopping experience.

Hopefully it went well! However, we can all agree that there are instances where it may not have gone well! One of the reasons may be due to a lack of personalization…worry not! We have the tools that can prevent your site from giving someone a bad shopping experience, through personalization .


Brands that personalize their online shop will create trust with their consumers. This is because it won’t seem like a scam, if a bunch of websites all have the same, boring, unorganized look then how would you be able to differentiate your shop from the rest? That would make people confused, anxious and hesitant to make a purchase. It also builds up the brand story. When you personalize your brand shop, it gives you more opportunity to add a voice and continue to share what your brand is really about. It also acts as a way to connect with your audience. Personalizing your site and giving it a ‘voice’ will create a real relatable factor, and will gain you momentum for increasing sales. People want to support people, not robots or AI.

How can your brand personalize an online shop? 

  • Utilize what your brand has already established! 
    • Brand colors 
    • Brand fonts 
    • Brand logo and icon
  • Take unique photos that are taken specifically for your brand…and use a lot of them! It’s all about the visuals, so make sure that your photos are high quality! 
  • Organize your shop content based on items/services. What makes the most sense for everyone will benefit everyone! Group items/services in collections! 
  • Make a broad, unique store name that fits with your brand (keep it short, it will be easier to remember).
  • Customize your shop domain! Instead of using what is already provided, this will be an investment that is more likely to pay off in the future. 
  • Make it easy for your customers to contact you, either add contact info, or a live chat/text application. 
  • Make sure you have information on shipping and delivery! When customers browse through stores they always have questions about delivery and shipping! Answer those questions before they are asked to build more trust and show that you know what the customer wants.
  • Add an “about me” section to your website, with a backstory on why you created the store and started selling the products/services. Make yourself real and relatable.
  • Have proper descriptions for your products. 
  • Make sure you inform your customers on how you take payments, and consider displaying the payment options so there is no confusion. It will make them feel more confident when paying at checkout. 
  • Display product reviews, and ask for reviews as well! You can even have the option for a subscription, where you can ask for feedback on all aspects of their shopping experience, from –  website design, navigating the product they wanted, shipping & delivery, to how they liked the product! An option for leaving testimonials, reviews or feedback is another feature that your customers may like to do.
  • Make sure your online shop looks good with mobile and tablet as well. Many people shop from their mobile devices, so this is a key feature to consider.


Now, we know what you are probably thinking, Covid19 brought forward this rampant world of online shopping. Nobody was going into stores, everything was online. Even grocery stores converted to online shopping! But is it still relevant now that Covid has slowed down and the world is opening up again? Of course it is! Online shopping will remain an important feature for any brand. Having the option of buying from the comfort, safety and convenience of your own space will provide your consumers with a better experience and build trust. 


We don’t want anyone to fall victim to a poor online shopping experience, nor do we want any business to ‘fall short’ of what they truly are trying to provide! We would love to help you design and build your own personalized shopping experience for your customers. Let’s chat today and get that process started!