How To Improve Your Website User Experience

When it comes to improving your website user experience the job is never done. It is a constant effort to stay on top of trends in design, functionality improvements, performance, and readability. Below is an evolving list of questions to direct you on how to improve your website user experience:


  • Does this user interface please me visually?
  • Does the website look crowded?
  • Are the images crisp?
  • Is the website copy easy to read? Do I catch myself skimming?
  • Where is my contact information? Do I have to look for it?
  • Is my website consistent with my brand guidelines? Do I even have brand guidelines?
  • Am I using video or animation to draw attention to important messaging?
  • What am I doing visually to appeal to my audience? 


  • Does my logo link to my homepage?
  • Are my social media links in the footer?
  • Does my phone number have a click to call link on it?
  • Does highlighted text in body copy link to additional pages?
  • Are buttons where I expect them?
  • Does my website kick ass on a mobile device?
  • Do I look trustworthy? 


  • Is my content written for web?
  • Is my content relevant?
  • Does my website use a mix of various media types (photos, video, graphics, audio)?
  • Do I have a blog? Is it being updated regularly?
  • Is my message easy to follow?


  • Does my website work?
  • Is my website accessible?
  • Does my website load quickly?
  • Can I purchase/request more information/book an appointment/etc. easily?


  • Does the information that I am looking for present itself when I expect it?
  • How many “clicks” does it take to find what I need?
  • How long do I stay on each page?
  • Do animated elements linger long enough to be interpreted?

Have anything that you would like to see added to this list? Leave a comment below.