Kleurvision @ Home

Ditching the office and working remotely...

Something most businesses have been forced to do with the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown. Kleurvision felt prepared for this mandate, as we have set up remote working for the last couple of years with our team. With so many tools available to ensure productivity AND staying connected together, we feel confident in our capabilities and sharing our success in being a remote working team! We have kept flexibility, mental health, productivity and freedom at the forefront, and yes, we’re all craving the connection of being in-person, but also have kept the camaraderie and momentum that is the backbone of Kleurvision, alive.



Sometimes, we work at our desks & workstations in our homes, but can also be found on our decks and front porches, taking conference calls on a walk around the neighbourhood, heck, we even work from inside a camping trailer or on our couches.

Questions? We’re happy to share our story and our approach! Reach out and let’s chat!