A core element of your visual brand identity.

When shaping the look and feel of a brand, there are baseline considerations that generally always come to the top of mind; colour palette, fonts & typefaces, wordmarks, icons, and other visual elements that are crafted to create the foundation of a visual brand. The elements will be rolled out across mediums and with any luck become a recognizable part of the brand. That’s the goal!

But all too often the creative elements of the brand are developed without consideration to what those elements are going to elevate in marketing creative. It can’t be overstated how important it is to have strong brand creative but that’s only half the battle.

The images that are rolled out across your brand material, marketing efforts and anything else with your name on it instantly become a core element of your visual brand identity and create a strong association with your consumer. When the default becomes to use stock images there’s an immediate impact on the elevation of your brand on a whole. Fair or not, stock images give a very distinct impression and command a very specific response and in almost all cases, dilutes your brand identity. .

Investing in photography is important. Here are some key reasons for investing in custom photography:



Always tell your own story

It’s rare that a stock image will properly convey your brand aesthetics. You’re telling your story and there’s no better way to do that then to customize all elements of your story telling and make them your own.


A great investment

Once you invest in a core set of images, you’ll get lots of mileage from them. High res images can be used across all print and digital mediums and you’ll have the immediate access you need to act quickly when necessary. You won’t need to worry about pesky license fees or constantly renewing your image selections. The investment can be amortized over the length of use and it’ll be a worthwhile long term investment.



Ease of use

If you’re working with an internal marketing team or an agency, you’ll have quick access when you need it. Convenience is important for efficient action.


Create Market Separation

Nothing will make you blend in more than using the same style photography as your competitor. Create space for yourself by using standout visuals that elevate you in the mind of the consumer.




Thoughtful photography will connect with the right audience right away. There’s an emotional connection that is instant when something is relatable. Stock photography does not create the same connection.



All of the points above lead to creating new opportunities for connection, brand elevation and sales. Custom photography is another tool to help elevate your bottom line.



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