The World Needs a New Creative Brief

Gone are the days of the massive Creative Brief meetings and documents – they are a product of a bloated industry focused far too much on the likes and wants of the client rather than the consumer.

This process was arduous and could take months to refine – eating up hours of time and dollars – and eventually the briefing document was an impossible task with an unrealistic time line and financial commitment.

The creative process takes time and care – it’s not a tap that gets turned on and off at will – unfortunately, most clients are introduced to this process far too late in the game. The lack of understanding regarding “how this happens” is not truly appreciated.

A good creative document will account for the process and a great Creative Director will create the space needed to be innovative and inspirational, plus represent and defend the product internally and externally.

We’re in a new generation of consumers and the Creative Document must reflect the new world. Here are six topics a creative document should include:

  1. Experience – define the Experience you want your consumer to have with your Brand. Without a memorable experience the product will be forgotten.
  2. Brand – focus on the Brand – People buy brands before they buy products – give the consumers a reason to believe and support the Brand, positive involvement will create disciples and they will promote your Brand.
  3. Message – find a meaningful Message that supports the experience and speaks to the target audience – let the consumer know you’re out there.
  4. Audience – speak to the Audience in words and language they will understand, this validation will be paramount in supporting trial and adaption in the selling environment.
  5. Creative – be Creative…the ability to be Creative is liberating, it shows the talent and it’s the main reason your clients hire you.
  6. Financial – Financial profit isn’t a dirty word, we should be paid respectfully and properly for the creative process and product – it’s one of the reasons we’ve chosen to participate.

One Last Thought…

Learn – Every creative process is a learning process – a complete review should be conducted to gain knowledge for everyone involved.

As the world moves ahead and the demands of the consumers advances this process, it will be fluid and ever changing – however, there will always be room for the fundamentals within the creative process.

Lets focus on the creative work and the process!