Top Reasons Why Consumers Are Shopping Online

The world of online shopping is here to stay for good.

The convenience of flipping open your computer or device and purchasing pretty much anything you want from pretty much anywhere you are, has emerged as a mainstay in this world we’re living in during Covid19. This “new normal” has shifted people’s approach and attitude to online shopping, and eCommerce has proven to be a selling feature in whether customers engage and purchase with a vendor, versus having to shop in-person. With the many perks of online shopping, it’s come as no surprise that consumers are turning to screens instead of stores. 

Repeated research is being done to find out what drives consumers to shop online. Consumer motivation for online shopping was immediately shaped in Spring 2020, as the world closed its doors to in-person connections, and priorities centered heavily on both convenience and how to cut costs – whether that’s favoring a cheaper product, selecting an item with free shipping, or comparing several products for the best deal. These are able to be done from the comfort of your couch while shopping in your pajamas.


The top reasons for choosing to shop online have shifted only slightly as brick and mortar stores have reopened to people again:


  • convenience
  • free shipping
  • lower prices
  • product comparison
  • product reviews
  • safety
  • ability to find new brands
  • finding products only sold online
  • coupons and discount codes
  • no sales pressure online


When it all comes down to it, if you are a brick and mortar store, you shouldn’t short change yourself and only offer to sell products in-person. Things have shifted, and yes, people do appreciate the ability to shop in-person, but almost every customer you have also enjoys being able to shop online when the mood or the need strikes them. With an eCommerce store, you can cater to those who prefer the safety of no crowds, who may work shift, and who have a desire to purchase a product but aren’t close to your store or in a convenient position to get there in person.

Over the last 36 months, our team at Kleurvision has finessed the online shopping experience for our clients. From selling food & beverage, alcohol, clothing, cosmetics, restaurants and specialty stores, we have helped curate a simple yet aesthetically pleasing online customer journey, as shoppers learn about the stores and products, add items to cart and complete a checkout purchase. We are happy to help you with your questions and if you’re ready to sell online, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!