Typeface Trends in 2021

Emerging this summer, we are seeing the following font trends:

As we are more than a year into 2021, it’s interesting to attend conferences, read reviews and study award-winning designs. At Kleurvision, we take a particular interest in typefaces and font trends.

Emerging this summer, we are seeing the following font trends:

Alternating baselines – all caps are a strong, impactful – and if used correctly – mature way of messaging to your audience

Disco revival-style (think Austin Powers, yeah baby!) – this 70s-style typeface remains interesting and iconic

Strong and dynamic lettering – by creating an illusion of movement, words come alive and jump out

Extra sharp angles – by accentuating sharp angles in words, you can deliver a literal punch to your audience

Standout letters – think here about a wordmark with a standout or standalone letter that jumps off the page or screen at you

Bold & solid shadows – shadows hold great power and illusionist treatments, adding some weight to design

Revisting of the classical typewriter font – there is an appeal in the old technology of a typewriter, and by adding colour and accenting the imperfections of a typewriter, this is an impactful design style

Rounded block fonts – sometimes daunting to look at, designers are exploring the use of colour and bold shapes within letters to get messaging across

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