Here are the top reasons to invest in custom video for small business:

In recent years custom video has become a go-to content piece for small, medium and large business marketing. And there are lots of good reasons for it!

  • It’s on trend and it’s not going away:

    The pivot to video has been swift for content marketers over the last few years. The amount of time people spend on social channels has influenced the way they digest information; quick, made for social video snippets have become the most prominent way for consumers to take in content. The way video is being consumed continues to change, but the use of video continues to get stronger.

  • Makes a great scroll stopper:

    Overcoming death scrolling is a new challenge for marketers. Using the auto-play feature, an initial screen grab is a strong way to get even the most zoned out scroller to take notice.


  • Tell Your Story Your Way:

    Video allows you the opportunity to tell your story the way you want it to be told. Be prepared; write a script, and be concise in your story telling. Your consumer will be interested to see the human element to your business and to connect with your origin story.

  • You’ve got a phone:

    So you can shoot video. The convenience allows video to be an accessible tool that wasn’t always the case. Invest in a couple of decent lights and you’ve got a mobile content studio.

  • Social Proof:

    It’s proven that consumers have a stronger connection with video testimonials. The ability to see the consumer telling the story is important.


  • Engagement:

    Video is proven to have a higher engagement rate compared to other forms of content; be it photography, blogs or podcasts. That’s important!

  • Develop Your Personality:

    Video is a great way to highlight personality and develop a personal brand. The videos don’t always have to be super high end production. A selfie video with some humour or passion can go along way to connecting with your audience.

  • The Potential for Viral:

    There’s no specific trick to having a video go viral. But it needs to be online in order to travel. Being present online with content allows for the potential for the content to travel organically. And we all know that sometimes even the strangest of things can pick up speed unexpectedly.

  • Quick Content:

    If developing social channels is a core marketing strategy, the ability to create quick content is important. Video provides an opportunity to create quick, organic content that has the potential to be super relatable for your audience.



  • Multi-Channel Content:

    With the right gear, video content can be easily turned into a podcast, written blog or cut up for social snippets. Video content can go along way!



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