When You Thank More, You Bank More

It is true. We all perform better and feel like what we do has an impact when we are recognized for our efforts. It’s human nature to seek the acceptance of others and to experience the satisfaction when we not only know the job is well done, but when we have been properly acknowledged for it.


Far too often are people being taken for granted, having their talents dismissed as expectational and their favors left un-returned. We set project goals then leverage resources that we have within our reach to successfully complete them. We get referrals, ask for favors, and expect miracles from staff. Once our needs are met, we tend to swiftly move on to the next project without so much as a thank you to those involved.

So why is there such a disconnect between knowing that we perform better when properly acknowledged and not thinking about thanking those who help us achieve our goals?

We can blame it on the way that we communicate in business in this technological era, but we would just be making excuses. Overall, our top-of-mind thinking is not “how can I give”, but as modern entrepreneurs we are much more focused on “how can I get”.

Here is a mega-ultra-amazing hint: If you want to out-perform your competition, give thanks often. Be gracious and be generous. Believe in the givers gain philosophy by asking yourself what can you do for someone else, not what can they do for you. You’ll find that when you hand out referrals, offer up collaboration efforts, or are just straight-up thankful, your network of peers will notice and opportunity will surround you.

Building gratitude into your corporate culture doesn’t have to be difficult, it just needs to be persistent and become second nature. Here are some top tools and programs for helping keep your relationships on track. Depending on your requirements, some or all of these may play into your business model:


SendOutCards is a traditional medium used in a streamlined, technical way. It allows you to build your contact list using their online software, and mail out physical cards in an automated, set-it-and-forget-it fashion. The service allows for custom designed cards, and you can send gift cards for Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and many more along with your card. Think of SendOutCards for referral or lead thank-you’s, meeting follow-ups, important birthdays, etc.


Retail incentives have been a gigantic beast to control. Logistical nightmares make wanting to run a store (or chain, or brand) wide program more of a hassle than a benefit and 360incentives.com has completely changed the game. Their platform allows for real-time rewards granted to sales associates, prime clients, referral partners, etc. by leveraging re-loadable MasterCard gift cards. With success stories stemming from brands such as American Standard and LG, 360incentives.com is a go-to choice for all retail sales associate rewards.


An all-in loyalty platform that bolts onto your existing website that rewards visitors for engaging your site on a social level. PunchTab is an on-demand system that allows you to easily offer incentives when users show up, share, and shop. Users earn digital badges and points, which can be redeemed for gift cards at various denominations at top retailers. Easy to get up and running, PunchTab will allow you to build an engagement strategy rooted in loyalty in less than 20 minutes.


When it comes to employee recognition, the Achievers team offers the cream of the crop. They know that engaged employees net higher customer satisfaction levels, which means they remain customers longer. The Achievers software encourages frequent reinforcement to key behaviors that drives employee engagement. Let’s face it, employees want to feel appreciated and Achievers offers an amazing way to do it.

If you’re thinking about starting an informed and engaged recognition program and don’t know where to being, give the team at Kleurvision a call to help organize your plans.

Be Thankful