Why do Start-Ups wait so long to discover their Brand?

Brand experience is what differentiates your company from your competitors. It also defines your culture and brings to life your products and services. As your product moves forward or takes on more competitors, your brand will need to remain relevant within the marketplace.

Most Start-Up’s ignore this simple task and generally it’s left far too late in the development process.

Branding is an extremely important stage of any product or service – it seems funding, operations, manufacturing and finance are all quickly adapted with the Branding pasted over for alter date. Target Audience, Marketing, Experience Development are neglected until the product is just about ready to launch – these steps need to be accomplished sooner rather than later.

Brands should have a strategic plan that ties into the Business and Financial plan undertaking this process will prove to be a successful step in generating revenues.

Without closing these gaps a successful Brand experience cannot be guaranteed – listed below are few of the main distractions surrounding Brand failure.

  1. Not focused on the Target Audience – you must discover your Target Audience and determine what makes them “tick” now and into the future – this will ensure you Brand is always relevant.
  2. Great Product – No Direction – your product or service must demonstrate a wanted benefit or need relevant to your target audience. The product may be the greatest invention but if it doesn’t fulfill a void in the marketplace – no one will pay attention.
  3. Trapped In Your Own Space – Get out from under your work – go and look at the real world and see how people interact and make transactions. Your product may be the greatest idea to you – however only awareness will result in sales.
  4. Build It and They Will Come – unfortunately this happens often – the idea is developed, funded, built and put into the marketplace with out a true Brand and it fails – People buy Brands before they buy products and services.
  5. Build The Experience – more start-ups fail to build or define the Brand Experience – unfortunately without this, the consumer will not relate to the Brand.

Every product or service brought to the marketplace must create a positive Brand Experience to succeed. By orchestrating the desired encounter plus allowing consumers the opportunity to grow with the brand it will naturally create a great brand experience.

A positive Brand Experience will always result in positive revenue.