What To Expect When You’re Expecting: A Quick Guide for Being Ready to Build a Website.

To achieve maximum potential for any website build, it needs to be a truly collaborative effort.

There should always be an expectation that the development team is going to lead the process and do the majority of the heavy lifting for the project but client participation in the process is critical. Kleurvision has pulled together a quick look at what you can expect to bring to the table: 

A Reason for Existing

There’s a reason you need a website built. It could be e-commerce, brand building, subscriptions, or any other number of intentions. Having a clear, mutual understanding of what you want the site to do with your development team will be crucial to successful build.

What else do you want the site to do?

Beyond the main reason for existing, your website should be multi-purposed and there are endless possibilities when it comes to functionality. There should be a reasonable expectation that your development team will help you with this assessment but it will ultimately be your decision to determine the hierarchy of importance when fully considering what your site is going to do for you.

Talk About Yourself

Your development team will really need to get to know your brand in order to design and build something that truly aligns and hits the mark. These conversations should be facilitated by your development team through formal Q and A discussions or brand surveys. Be sure to share, share and overshare. The more info the better. Getting a look at the core of the brand is going to aid your team in creating a smooth process.


The quicker the better. Being responsive with feedback allows for efficient creative cycles. Ensure to communicate your intention with feedback delivery to allow for your team to schedule the next stages of work efficiently and keep positive momentum with the project.

The Technical Stuff

At the beginning of the project, you’ll need to allow access to anything that requires integration. This could include: domain, social media channels, google analytics, mailchimp, booking accounts – you get the jist. Having a clean document available with limited access (only give it to the people who truly need it) will make your development team super happy.


When you hire a development team, trust becomes a big factor in success. Allow your team to do their best work by participating with honest feedback and allowing the creative process to unfold as dictated by your project manager. It’s important to have a working environment where questions are welcomed and collaboration is frequent and encouraged.


Arguably the most important variable and potentially largest barrier to a smooth, linear build, is having a solid plan for content development. It is imperative and ultimately, the client’s responsibility. Your development team should guide you through this process and provide you with options, tools and resources for having strong website content.

If you’re prepared to write the content yourself, be sure to adhere to the project deadlines and follow the guides provided by your development team. Hiring a content writer is always a strong option.

Whatever the best, be sure to have a plan and communicate your content intentions at the beginning stages of the project. This will apply to any other media needed for the site including: photography, videography, infographics, e-commerce details and anything else needed to populate the site.

As you can see, the client is a big part of the production team with requirements for knowledge and functional pieces. If you keep this list top of mind and hit your deadlines, you’ll be just fine 🙂
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